Since it's launch on the morning of the 7th June 2010 the CultureGridNE:twitterbot has been tweeting random links to items from North East collections every half hour. At time of writing (2011-02-14T10:34:05) there have been 9,815 tweets showcasing items from Bedes World, Beamish, Bowes, DurhamCC, FARNE, iSeeGateshead and Tyne & Wear Museums.

Tweets are made using a simple windows command line script (batch file) which request xml data using cURL this is filtered using XMLStarlet. The script is available as a github gist. Timing is handled using windows Task Scheduler and the whole thing is run from a 10yr old laptop hooked up to the internet. OAUTH is handled using Python.

This project has been partly funded through financial assistance from the Collections Trust.
11:13 11 April 2011