Add CultureGridNE:Search As A Browser Plugin

Firefox and Google Chrome

CultureGridNE:Search supports openSearch autodiscovery. To install CultureGridNE:Search as browser plugin visit the search home page and install using the toolbar search drop down menu.

The browser plugin can also be installed by clicking the link below.

Add Search Engine

Internet Explorer

To install CultureGridNE:Search as an Internet Explorer plugin follow the instructions on the links below.

Google Gadgets

CultureGridNE:Search is available as a Google Gadget and can be installed in iGoogle or web pages


CultureGridNE users who have the Cooliris plugin enabled on their browser can choose to view CultureGridNE:Search results using the Cooliris browser plugin interface. The Cooliris icon in the the browser tool bar will be highlighted when search results are shown. Clicking the icon will open Cooliris, from where search result images can be browsed. Visitors without the Cooliris plugin will continue to see and browse the site normally.
17:00 16 December 2010